Transcending Time

I have felt the Grief

And sorrow

And pain

The despairing,


Angry Confusion.

The denial,

And scarred brokenness

Of abandonment.

The loving,


Little morsel

Of empathy,

Leading to





And the

Transcendence of


Softly Speak

Slivering moon shines tonight

Golden embers burning bright

Shedding, Shielding

Softly yielding,

Starry nighted

Poignant plight.

Skies open-telling tales

Mother Earth absorbing wales!

Finessing fingers, gilded grass

Still the time

Monarched mass!

Balmy bugs, bitten heart

Trickling rain-here it starts.

Softly speak

Lies that leak

Leaked into submissions

Leaked into misgivings

Leaked into confusion

Leaked into intrusion.

Disparaging dialogue,

Internally relayed.

Disparaging sorrow,

Apology delayed.

Sorry to her.

Sorry to me!

Sorry young,


Tethered tree.

Clos-er eyes

Seal the pain

Grasp the earth

Feel the rain.

Twinkling lights, luminous path

Release the sorrowful,

Grieving wrath.

Kiss the ground, kiss the ashes

Kiss the drops upon her lashes.

Hand to womb,

Womb to heart,

Forgiving words

Souls that part!

Saying sorries,

Say what’s right,

Let the clouds

Engulf the night.

Burnt sienna, paper flowers,

Taller oaks-protecting towers.

Walk alone, walk with her

Walk among the tallest fir!

Silver soul, rising love

Surprising beauty

Sign above

Above the devastation,

Into manifestation:

Manifest the storm

Manifest the sea

Manifest the sky

Manifest the tree.

Manifest the air,

Manifest the pair.

Manifest the we.

Manifesting me!

I Breathe Again

Let’s have a good day-he says

He leaves; I breathe again.

The sun-indifferent to the billowy bills.

The birds chirp sweetly,

Clouds cover the sun.



Still the same,

Still they sing.

Flying high-

Bellies fill the morning air.

Pacing racing facing the day

Yet the redbird calmly chirps.

Oh beautiful redbird,

Help me!

Erase the past,

Forego the future.

Lost In your music

Momentarily, let me sit with you

Among the sky.

Carefree, humbled by your


This gift, fly with me redbird.

Your spirit, my spirit

One in the same.

Teach me redbird!

I will let go.



Let go!

Rest Now

Soft as silk


The willow speaks:

Her arms widen.

Open, protect, lead.

The darky, barky, messy dirt.

Her entirety fills-

Orange glow, morning glory.

Whispering waters speak:

I am ok-you are ok.

Sit now.


Her thoughts

Run to the tide,

With the tide.

Aching, bleeding

Sorting, sifting.

Quickly, furiously,

Rashfullly, bashfully.

Then peacefully,

Waves ebb. Flow.

Wave to her,

Begging, gripping, grappling,


She returns.

Centers her trunk.

Circles back.

This truth.

Your truth.

Her truth.

All truth.

The divine deeply roots

Her veins

To earth




And I

Him and


Rest now.

Too Many Shades Shining

Green Goddess

Leafy fingers finesse

The cool morning air.

Too many shades shining:

Emerald, forest, lime

Yellow umber

Burnt orange

Pale pink.

Glittering lucid light

Casts a morning smile.

A vibrant visitor lands

Wings perched

Tipping, toppling, wobbling.

Beauty in the beastful

Boastful, bendy migration

Solace in the feathery


Soiled, spoiled

Majestic life!

Solidarity, strength

Fill her wings

Her branches

Holding the

Dire dirty wormy

Windy woes.

Bountiful red breasted muse

Transcendental tree

Sing their

Rhyming rhythmic




Minuscule then


Fearful then


She spreads her wings.

Bemusing Beauty

Expansive sky

Expensive sorrow

Titanium white fluffy, fluff.

Howling winds scream

Higher heaven

Leven her inner thigh.

Beautiful sigh,

Air calculated and thick.

Bashful bluebird

Crimson cardinal

Wrongful wren.

Birds of prey prey


Powerless peony,

Petals unfold

Delicately dissect,

Willfully, woefully,

Weak in the knees.

Carefully, cunningly caress

Sense, sense, sensing

Soothing, sensual

Small back.

Fleshy flighty fantastical ache.

Budding beauty

Nurturing nectar,

Naughtiful night sky!

Crickets chirp.

Desired mires

Meander the moon.

Moan moan moaning,

Meekly misunderstand magnolia.

Wilted woeful wounded woman!

Factual fictional


Cloudy confusion.

Mending mournful memories!

Back back backtracking,

Placid, puff, puffy eyes.

Keep it

Key it

Deep deep


Weeply, wisely

Lock it.


A new day:

Delightful daises

Happy hydrangeas

Laughing lillies

Redeeming roses!

Brilliant blue buttery butterfly.

Bemusing beauties!

The sun rises again.

Rest in Her

Rest in her

Rest in me

Rest in water

The pale, wilting tree.

Rest in petals.

Rest, retest, rebirth.

Rest in paint:

The dapper drips-

Colorful colors cueing a creation.

The vibrant, vermillion, vivacious hues.

Rest in gifts:

Tearful treasures timely telling you

Tiny truths.

Rest in repeated beliefs:

The ones-residing, resounding,

Resonating in the rhododendrons.

Rest in renunciation:

Pause-please peek at the peonies.

Hear the hyacinths?

Rest in the melodic:

Melodramatic meandering winge-ed crickets

Quietly croaking.

Creating a cleaner place to cradle.

Cradling fears

Cradling foes

Cradling whispers

Cuddling toes.

Unbuttoning blouses,

Bruised, bottomless bottom.

Planting precariously

Weeding through dusty, drier leaves!

Drowning diamond frost

Withering wallflower

Lost lily!

Rest in the pruning predication:

New growth grappling for grounding.

Pulsing, pounding

Purple heart.

Rest in the ecstatic:

Exalting eruption.

Rest in the Cottoning:

Coddling, caressing,

Careful cover up.

Rest in the sensual:

Succulent ripe berry

Burgeoning beauty

Burrowing beneath

The soil.

Soiled soul,

Settle now!


Rest in the Overgrowth.

Beneath the Beauty

Too heavy to hold.

Clouded calamities,

Burdened and bold.

Peachy, premised sky,

Little lost peach.

Soft and seedy,

Desperately needy,

Naked nightingale.

Beneath the beauty,

Boldly bolting

Loudly lightening

Hard, haphazard,

Holy hail.

Stormy drips,

Dripping daze,

Peeking, peering

Parting haze.

Magical, mystical

Misty mist.



Cyclonic twist.

Sinewy, sticky

Sinful sky

Comforting, calm

Balmy lie.

Precautionary puddle

Muddiest muddle,

Mothering earth

Meandering worth.

Filmy air,

Foggy sky,

Taloned trojan

Swopping by.

Tails-pinned trickster

Trickling down,

Rain away,

Lest she drown.

Hot, humid

Humble thunder.

Roaring, screaming, frightening


Fingers fumble!

Words that mumble!

Sky that rumbles!


Protective, familiar



Fondly flashes

Airy ashes

Long ago gashes

Lightening lashes!

Dewy drips dripping

Idealized innocence

Softly slipping.

Painted patina sky,

Seeking solace,


Playfully, painfully,

Practical part.

Pleasured, pressured,

Breaking heart.

Heavenly body healing!

Body of water

Body of washing

Body of wishing.

Wistful, windy wisdom.

Charaded, shaded sun.

Rueful, replenishing rains,

Inordinate, beautiful pains!

Growing goodness

Grieving goddess

Grappling gosling

Little gossamer.





Garden of Truth

Garden of truth,

Garden of youth,

Garden of seeds,

Garden of weeds.

Garden of tries,

Garden of whys,

Garden of lies.

Garden that dies!

Boxwood beauty bare beneath.

Perfectly hedged, shallow sheath.

Manicured on top, shaped just so,

Weak beneath-still she’ll


Grow from sorrow

Grow from strife

Grow from ego

Grow from life!

Roots so woven,

Twisted and thick,

Stems a broken,

Thorns that prick!

Cut the bad parts,

Hope for something pretty,


Then something bitty.

Buzzing, bright yellowed bees.

Steady, breathing, solid trees.

Dried up dingy, arid grond,

Thirsty roots,

Leaves a browned!

Lay down your shadow,

No longer within,

Lay down and rest

Time to begin!

Rebirth the power

Rebirth the love

Rebirth your strength-

Little, white dove!

Reborn to live

Reborn to give

Reborn to light

Reborn to sight!