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Jenan McClain

Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

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  • Original painting by Jenan McClain
  • This textural artwork measures 19" x 22"
  • Artwork is ready to hang in a gold frame
“Divine Destiny”

When I say 
I don’t remember 
It’s perhaps because
I do-
So much so-
In fact, the
Ocean’s tides’-
Feel it

The depth of 
Of your heart 
In every 
Sharing glance,
That time our 
Soul’s energy-
Soon began 
To dance. 

The longer grasses
In changing colors 
Of the sea, 
Pushing out-yet
Hanging onto 
Shoreline’s memory.  
I wonder if 
I dreamt it,
Yet how am I 
So sure, certain 
As the sunset-
Captured in 
Your allure.  

Was it another 
Lifetime you
Saved me
In my skin?
Perhaps a
Maternal lover,
Or another 
Realm within.  

The eternal moon 
Is shining-
Sharing secrets 
With the sky, 
Albeit- I often 
Wonder, how 
Or when or why. 

The waves swell 
Over the earth,
So reminiscently 
Oh, I mustn’t 
Ever question-
Plan for us
To meet.  

- Jenan
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