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Jenan McClain

We Seek More

We Seek More

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  • Original artwork by Jenan McClain
  • 17.5" x 21.5" french acrylic on canvas
  • Framed, ready to hang

"Can bigger pain lead to better peace?  The piercing suffering when someone is incapable or unwilling to love fully, or hurts us in ways leaving invisible bruises haunting our dreams.  Can a big fall push us to love ourselves, elevate our connections, and bring greater awareness in our community? The hurting souls seeking answers, comfort and wisdom.  Our injuries reflections of universal humanity, our grief reminders of interwoven souls, our growth inspirational in heart healing.  Is our pain our purpose?  Relentless revelations tugging our attention?  If only we are brave enough to explore, our agony implores, we seek more.  We seek more." - Jenan McClain

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